Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy facilitates the creation of a professional relationship between a qualified counsellor and a client, the purpose of which is to provide the client with a safe, confidential place where they can talk safely about losses, stresses, confusion, conflicts and other difficulties in their life. Counselling & Psychotherapy is not about judging, giving advice, making diagnoses or giving evaluation reports.

Why go to a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist?

A Counsellor & Psychotherapist is trained to listen carefully to your conflicts and problems and to support you while you find your own solutions. The relationship between a counsellor/ psychotherapist and a client is confidential and is based on respect and trust. Counsellors/ psychotherapists helps you to discover the reasons for negative feelings and to work out ways of dealing with them. It is a time for you to express difficult feelings such as fear, suspicion, anger, sorrow & jealousy in a safe, supportive environment. You will not be judged or criticised or put under pressure to do or feel anything. The counsellor/ psychotherapist will help you find solutions that are realistic and workable for you.
Counsellor and Psychotherapist should help you to take control of your life and to understand the reasons why your feel down/ depressed, which may help you handle these feelings in the future. You may learn different ways of communicating with others so you can become more assertive, or you may develop greater self-respect, often it is only when we talk to someone unconnected with our lives that we begin to hear what we are really saying and feeling. Counsellors and psychotherapists offer you this opportunity.

What is Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy?

Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy is a form of talking therapy that allows an individual focus on whichever areas in their life are a cause of concern or are causing problems. This involves dealing with present and past issues. It is a non-directed therapy and the individual is responsible for the direction of each session. There are no rules within a session, other than saying and speaking exactly what come to mind. Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy is useful to everyone from young children to adults and the elderly.

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