Physical Therapy and Sports Massage

Physical Therapy and Sports Massage are hands-on, drug free approaches using palpation skills for the safe and effective treatment of joint and muscle problems. It involves a combination of manual techniques including deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation and gentle stretching.

Physical Therapy is a “hands on” patient centred health care treatment. Therapists use highly skilled “Hands on” treatment techniques to identify and treat underlying musculoskeletal conditions and problems, with the objective of restoring the body to optimal and pain free function.

A vital part of physical therapy is that the client themselves are educated, aware and have an understanding of their own musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Injury prevention and rehabilitation also plays a vital role in your Physical Therapy treatment. For more information on our Physical and Sports Massage Therapist, Andrew Tully, please view their profile pages in the section on Team.

Massage Therapy
Sports Massage
Sports Injury Treatment
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Musculoskeletal Strains & Sprains
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is especially good at the following;

Back Ache & Back Strain
Neck & Shoulder Tension
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Sports Related Injuries
Postural Aches & Pains
Tension & Migraine Headaches
Muscle Strains & Tears
Muscular Imbalances
Fallen Arches/ Gait Scan
Tennis/ Golfers Elbow
Frozen Shoulder

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